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Adv. Shay Einat, CPA

The boutique law firm of Shay Einat, which was established in 2000, focuses on the practice of taxation law. The firm deals with real estate taxation, corporate taxation and VAT and prides itself on having professional knowledge and proven expertise in these fields. In rendering top tax advice, we combine creativity and innovation on the one hand, and conservatism that is required in the field of taxes and working with tax authorities, on the other. Our firm strives to provide our clients with the best possible outcome which, combined with our vast knowledge, is made possible by maintaining good working relations with the various tax authorities. Since our main practice involves taxation, which requires a good understanding of both law and accounting, our firm consists exclusively of lawyers who are also accountants. This is true also of our legal interns who have completed their studies with honors.

Adv. Shay Einat, CPA

The firm is headed by attorney and accountant Shay Einat, a tax expert and former employee of the Israel Tax Authority. Mr. Einat has handled some of the most difficult and complex cases in Israel and has extensive experience in the field of taxation, real estate, companies and commercial law, which contributes to providing the best outcomes for our clients in any transaction and when dealing with the tax authorities.

Range of services rendered by our firm

Our firm provides a range of services in the field of taxation – consultation meetings with attorney and accountant Shay Einat, preparation of legal opinions on tax issues, empirical opinions on tax issues, obtaining pre-rulings, representation before tax authorities regarding assessments, representation before courts and appeal committees on tax issues. We accompany our clients in all matters related to taxation, from the planning stage of the transaction by way of hourly consultation and/or providing opinions, and up to hearings before the tax authorities (assessment hearings, pre-rulings, handling disagreements and conducting proceedings before the various instances).

Special service for foreign citizens

  • Our office provides a special service for foreign residents, new immigrants and returning residents regarding arrangements with the Israel Tax Authority and receiving full benefits to which they are entitled in Israel.
  • Legal advice in real estate transactions and transactions dealing with companies.

Our Clients

Since the service provided by our firm is usually discrete, and for reasons of attorney – client confidentiality, we are unable to disclose the names of our clients. However, we are able to inform that our clients consist of lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, real estate owners, investors, individuals, small and large companies in Israeli, the courts, local authorities, various non-profit organizations, foreign residents, returning residents and new immigrants.

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